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Why and How Can Exercise Slow the Aging Process? is now available to view Webinar YouTube recording  Webinar slides Webinar chat transcript

Below please find links to videos of webinars from Kinexum members and honored guest speakers:

Wow or Yeow!?:  2021 Outlook for FDA. Click on the following links to view. VIDEO  CHAT  TRANSCRIPT

MITOCHONDRIA, AGING AND HEALTH is now available.  Click on the following links to view. VIDEO  SLIDES  CHAT  TRANSCRIPT

The Role of Biological Clocks and Other Biomarkers of Aging in Regulatory Development. View the Transcript and Q&A Chat.

Kinexum Webinar on Type 1 Diabetes.  View Slides at your convenience.

COVID-19 Meets Metabesity: Nexus Between Pandemics and Age-Related Diseases. View Slides and Q&A at your convenience.Resources for Public Health Defense. View Slides at your convenience.

Resources for Public Health Defense: BARDA, Medical Countermeasures, and COVID-19 - by Dean Calcagni (MD), Conrad Clyburn, Carol Linden (PhD), and Steven Grossman, JD. Link to recording. Link to slides.

Changes and news at FDA: wow or yeow!? - by David M. Fox (Partner, Hogan Lovells), Steven Grossman (President, HPS Group), Frank Sasinowski (Director, Hyman, Phelps & McNamara), Alexander Fleming (Executive Chairman, Kinexum), and Thomas Seoh (President and CEO, Kinexum). Link to recording. Link to slides  Link to transcript.

Tea, Dragon’s Blood Cannabis and Ginseng: Herbal Medicine Dietary Supplements or Botanical Drugs? - by Jinhui Dou, PhD, Kinexum pharmacology and pharmacognosy senior consultant. Link to recording. Link to slides.

Why Photobiomodulation Might be the Answer to the Opioid Crisis - by James D. Carroll, Founder and CEO of THOR Photomedicine. Link to recording. Link to slides  

Catalyzing the Transition from Bench to Bedside: Early Partnering with Patient Organizations - Featuring James Valentine and Larry Bauer. To view the slide presentation, click Here.

China: Reshaping the Global Clinical Development Landscape - Featuring George Baeder, SVP, Strategy and Business Development, dMed Biopharmaceuticals. To view the slide presentation, click Here.

Precision Medicine Approach to Cancer Care and Prevention - by Drs. Brian Leyland-Jones and Jeff Bockman. To view the slide presentation, click here.

Targeting Metabesity: Prospects and Pathways for Extending Healthy Lifespan and Saving Trillions - by Dr. Nir Barzilai, Joseph Cook and Dr. Alexander Fleming. To view the slide presentation, click Here.

Prevention of T2DM - by Dr. Ralph LaFronzo. To view the slides for the presentation, please click here.

PTSD - Associated Pathologies in the World of 2018 - 12.14.2018 Thomas Hedberg, MSc, Ph.D., Executive Director International Medical Crisis Response Alliance, on causes, effects and treatment failure of PTSD

Using Metformin to Target Aging - 10.26.2018 Dr. Kritchevsky, Sticht Center for Healthy Aging and Alzheimer’s Prevention Wake Forest School of Medicine and Dr. Barzilai, Albert Einstein College of Medicine 

An Inside View of the European Regulatory Framework: Cooperation Works - 07.13.2018 Prof. Bart Van der Schueren, University of Leuven, Belgian Representative on EMA

Opportunities for the Development and Approval of Regenerative Medical Products in Japan - 06.08.2018 Rob Claar, CEO of HekaBio K.K.

Targeting Metabolism to Attack Obesity, NASH, CVD and Aging Itself - 05.11.2018 Dr. Zemel, Chief scientific Officer, Nusirt Biopharma.

From Big Hammers toLasers: Lessons being learned from targeting the immune system to reverse or prevent disease - 03.23.2018 Dr. Larry Steinman, Professor of Neurology, Neurological Sciences and Pediatrics, stanford University, as interviewed by Dr. Zan Fleming