Below are selected presentations from Kinexum members and honored guest speakers:

2019 Presentations:

Why Photobiomodulation Might Be the Answer to the Opioid Crisis by James Carroll  To View Slides Click HERE

Precision Medicine Approach to Cancer Care and Prevention- by Drs. Brian Leyland-Jones and Jeffrey Bockman

Prevention of T2MD - Dr. Ralph LaFronzo

2018 and Prior Presentations:

Opportunities for the Development and Approval of Regenerative Medical Products in Japan Rob Claar webinar on 06/08/2018 

Blazing Clinical Development & Regulatory Pathways for Healthspan Interventions - Dr. Fleming at the Nathan Shock Centers Summit & American Aging Association 47th Annual Meeting, June 27th, 2018, Philadelphia, PA

Targeting Metabolism to Attack Obesity, Diabetes, NASH, CVD and Aging Itself Dr. Zemel webinar on 05/11/2018

INGAP Peptide for type 1 diabetes Dr.Zan Fleming

From Big Hammers to Laser - Dr. Steinman Interviewed by Dr. Fleming - Kinexum Friday Webinar 03/23/2018

Islet Regeneration: Highest Unmet Clinical Need Among All Metabolic Diseases Dr. Zan Fleming

Lessons Learned Dr. Gordon Cutler

Targeting Preventions and Disease Modifying Therapies for 2020 and Beyond Alexander Fleming, MD

Finding Scientific Common Ground and Collegiality in Warsaw

Approval of New Diabetes Therapeutics

Live Interview Translational Medicine for Obesity

Basics of FDA Regulation of Medical Devices GBF2012: Global Bio and Medical Forum

dLife Examines How Potential Drugs and Medical Devices are Reviewed by the FDA

Project Columbus - Nonclinical and Clinical Development of Health Products: Opportunities and Challenges

Basics of FDA Regulation of Medical Devices 

Regulatory Policy and Recommendations: Getting Treatments and Preventions Approved for T1DM-Progress Made and Challenges Remaining

Where Do We Stand - Unraveling the FDA Regulatory Pathway for Diabetes and Obesity Drug American Diabetes Association

Understanding the FDA Advisory Committee Process 

Re-Engineering Insulin: Can We Improve on Mother Nature? 

Implementing the Large Simple Trial and Appropriate Technologies to Efficiently Evaluate Cardiovascular Safety of Chronic Therapies 

Challenges and Opportunities for FDA Approval of Traditional Chinese Medicines

CNN’s Inside Business Kinexum Supports Diabetes Potential Breakthrough Therapy in Type 1 Diabetes