Sandor Bernath, PhD, MBA

Sandor Bernath, Ph.D, MBA

Sandor Bernathhas more than 30 years of experience in academia and life science industry. He is Honorary Associate Professor of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy at Debrecen Medical School, Hungary. Prior to joining Kinexum, he served as COO for N-Gene Research Laboratories, Hungary/USA; Deputy Director of Science for Biorex, Hungary/UK; and Research Assistant Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience at University of Pittsburgh, USA. He has directed one drug development project from lead selection to Phase 2 clinical trials. He has written numerous expert reviews for marketing authorization applications; compiled and submitted clinical trial applications, orphan designation applications, and PIP applications. He has experience in interacting with the health authorities in the EU including the EMA. Dr. Bernath received his MSc in Biology and Chemistry with excellent record from Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary, where he also earned a University Doctorate in Anatomy and Cell Biology with Summa cum laude record. He received his PhD in Biological Sciences from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary, and did his postdoctoral training at University of Pittsburgh, Dept. of Behavioral Neuroscience, USA. Dr. Bernath holds an MBA degree from Brunel University, London, UK.

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