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Translational Research & Strategic Services 

Kinexum guides, designs, and manages strategic and operational solutions to the regulatory, manufacturing, nonclinical,  clinical development, and business challenges necessary to take scientific discoveries to proof of concept and through the product life cycle.

Kinexum teams supplement the strengths of large and small organizations to reach high-value milestones effectively and efficiently.  Kinexum specializes in crafting creative but sound and integrated solutions across scientific disciplines, therapeutic areas, product modalities, and business stages. We respond to emergencies and as well as requests for problem prevention and complex long-range planning. 



A  joint statement of the ADA/EASD Diabetes Technology Working Group on improving the clinical value and utility of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) has just been jointly published in Diabetes Care and Diabetologia. Kinexum’s Dr. Zan Fleming is among the position paper’s internationally recognized authors.

Diabetes CareImproving the Clinical Value and Utility of CGM Systems: Issues and Recommendations - Diabetes Care 

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The response of the speakers and attendees of the inaugural World Congress on Targeting Metabesity in London October 30-31, 2017 was overwhelmingly positive.  The quality of the speakers and programming was uniformly remarked upon, as was the very broad diversity of perspectives that transcended the silos of a typical scientific, clinical development, investor, government policy, specific disease or technology and tools meeting.  We will have a report of the Metabesity 2017 congress, as well as other information soon - stay tuned!


Recent Articles

Beyond Hemoglobin A1C Consensus Conference - July 21, 2017 Charles M. Alexander, MD

Originally, diabetes was a symptomatic condition with either diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) in type 1 diabetes or marked weight loss, muscle wasting, and inanition in type 2 diabetes.  Prognosis was dismal for both and the main difference was the rapidity of the patient’s demise.

Beyond Hemoglobin A1C Consensus Conference - July 21, 2017 - Full Article

Early on Commercial Planning Investments within the R&D Process: The Business Case - Martin Lafontaine

Commercial investments within the early phase of R&D generally rank very low on a company’s priority list.  To use a sports expression, commercial investments often don’t make the cut, and get relegated to the bench.

Early on Commercial Planning Investments within the R&D Process: The Business Case - Full Article

Marketing Added Value - Arthur Santora MD, Ph.D

Fosamax was the first treatment for osteoporosis in postmenopausal women approved based phase 3 data demonstrating a reduction in the incidence of vertebral fractures. Marketing Added Value - Full Article

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