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Will "metabesity' supercede 'diabesity' in metabolic syndrome marketing? Nutraingredients USA

As waistlines around the globe continue to swell, researchers and marketers struggle to find a rhetorical way to get their hands around the problem.  First there was obesity, which became “diabesity,” adding diabetes to the mix.  The latest entrant in the coin-a-disease-trend-word sweepstakes is “metabesity.”


Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy - Advocates, Patients Rally to Support Sarepta Early Drug Approval Push 

"The eteplirsen trial included a very small number of patients but the counterpoint is that these are patients with a genetic defect that is being targeted precisely by the mechanism of action of this drug," said Dr. Alex Fleming, a former FDA drug reviewer who now runs Kinexum, a healthcare consulting firm.


FDA approves weight-management drug Qsymia 

GBF2012: Global Bio and Medical Forum in Seoul, South Korea