Kevin Roche, JD, MBA

Strategy and Business Development

Kevin Roche has developed his legal career within the healthcare arena. His abilities as a negotiator helped to drive strategies, mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures for several large U.S. based healthcare companies.

  • 25 years of professional experience including the legal arena and healthcare management
  • Successful history in strategic business planning and execution within the healthcare industry
  • Has played a lead role in over 75 merger, acquisition, divestiture, or joint venture transactions among large healthcare companies
  • Served as general counsel for several large U.S. based healthcare companies
  • Active as a litigator in commercial/securities, antitrust, and healthcare litigation
  • Active member of the Minnesota Attorneys General Office, 1980-82
  • Built several senior management teams for startups and organized staff of up to 2500 members across as many as 15 countries
  • Has built and managed professional legal and regulatory staff
  • Created strong compliance programs
  • Serves on healthcare boards of directors