Jo Van Betsbrugge, Ph.D.

Jo Van Betsbrugge, PhD

Jo Van Betsbrugge has over 20 years of drug discovery and development with extensive experience in working with cross-functional drug development teams of virtual and non-virtual biotech firms, Jo offer comprehensive Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls (CMC) support (Module 3 of the CTD). Specialty: small molecules, peptides, intranasal delivery (combination products)I offer support in: Drug Substance and Drug Product Development, Manufacture & Characterization - Analytical Method Development, Validation of Analytical Procedures - Manufacture of Drug Substance, Drug Product and Placebo - Control and Stability of Drug Product and Drug Substance -Drug Development Planning - Powder characterization (particle size, plume geometry, spray pattern) - Impurity characterization - Synthesis of API, scale-up optimization - writing of development reports - Powder filling equipment -Outsourcing of CMC-related activities.